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Resume - David J. Anderson

As an educator:

  • Adjunct professor in the Electronic Media Group at Holyoke Community College in Holyoke, Massachusetts for 12 years. Taught moviemaking and 3D computer game development. Also taught courses in Media for the Web, and Web Site Development.

  • Developed a unique approach to teaching motion picture photography, based on current research in psychology and visuospatial cognition - an approach well-suited for beginners.

  • Developed an introductory course in 3D game technology using the Torque Game Engine. This course brought core concepts in computer graphics and client-server systems within reach of students with little experience in computer programming or graphics.

  • Vice President of Education in a local Toastmasters club, a group which develops public speaking and presentation abilities. Mentor to new members, coordinator for biweekly meeting agendas.

As a software engineer:

  • Have 20 years experience designing and developing innovative systems for television, multimedia and geographic information systems. Skilled in real-time multi-CPU systems, object-oriented programming, project management and computer business.
  • Co-owner and manager of a six-person startup software company (Interactive Computer Television Inc., Hadley MA). Developed a unique multimedia system that combined video editing and multimedia authoring, which would run on either a television set-top box or a desktop computer.



  • M.A. in Education and Human Development, Vermont College, 2004. Focus on cognitive science, creativity and self-expression in education. Vermont College is part of the Union Institute and University group of progressive colleges that includes Antioch, Goddard, and Sarah Lawrence.
  • B.A., University of Massachusetts, 1984, through the University Without Walls program. This program allows undergraduate students to create their own degree program. I focused on Computer Science and Human Communication.


Chronological Resume

September 2001 to June 2013: Holyoke Community College, Holyoke MA. Adjunct teacher in both the Communication, Media & Theater Arts (CMTA) department and the Computer & Information Systems department. I researched, developed and taught courses in motion picture video and 3D computer game technology; taught media for the Internet using Photoshop, and web site development using Dreamweaver. I've been an active participant in department affairs within the CMTA department, giving talks on video to other instructors, demonstrating game development software at open house events, and taking part in teacher training seminars. The college journal The Other Forum published a paper I wrote on the cognitive processes at work in novice photographers.

December 2000 to June 2001:
  Accu-Time Systems Inc., Ellington CT. Contract software engineer. Hired to debug some tricky problems with their embedded systems C++ products for reading driver's licenses (either bar code or magnetic stripe, depending on the state); kept on to expand their software capabilities, and develop more rigorous testing routines.

November 1999 to July 2000: EnrichNet Inc., Amherst MA (which later moved to Chelmsford MA). Software engineer. Developed and tested network device drivers in C++ for a quality of service over IP product for Windows corporate intranets; developed the user interface for controlling the system; performed system demonstrations for potential investors.

September 1999 to November 1999:
General Digital Corp., Manchester CT. Software engineer. Developed embedded software in C++ and assembly language for sophisticated LCD displays for the aviation industry; checked and verified jet aircraft control software for Hamilton Standard.
Why only three months here? The job turned out to be much different than what I was led to believe during the hiring interview.

June 1998 to September 1999. Waiting on two 'dream jobs' for which I had been hired, but never actually started work. 1) Systems software engineer for Creative Motion Concepts, Inc., a Pittsfield start-up developing motion base simulator rides for amusement parks. They hired me, but never found venture capital, and disbanded before they opened. 2) Media software engineer for Raviscent Technology Corp. in Seattle. I was hired to develop high-definition MPEG device drivers for TV set-top boxes. The company was then purchased by Thomson Electronics, who harvested the intellectual property and disbanded the company right before I was scheduled to start.

February 1996 to June 1998:
Interactive Computer Television, Inc., Hadley MA. Co-owner and manager; software designer. Designed and developed an innovative multimedia client-server product that combined traditional video editing with multimedia authoring, for interactive television and video projects running on both Windows and custom TV set-top boxes; wrote white papers on the subject of merging television and desktop computer media; worked on our business plan and sought venture capital. As a sideline project to raise money, I designed and developed a lightning simulator program in C++ with engineers from the Electric Power Research Institute to model lightning protection schemes high-voltage for power lines.

May 1989 to October 1995:
Microtime Inc., Bloomfield CT. Software engineer. Designed and developed an innovative high-performance, multi-CPU embedded system product for television special effects using the PL/M programming language (which was Intel's house language during the '80s). I designed the user interface; interacted with electronic engineers, marketing personnel, and end users on features, usability issues, field testing, training and documentation; created a scripting language in Turbo C to assist graphics designers in the development of effects; evaluated hardware products to use in the development process; and worked with field engineers from Intel to solve a couple of tricky CPU-related problems.

January 1986 to August 1988: Amherst Electronic Instruments, Inc., Haydenville MA. Software developer. Working under the senior engineer, designed and developed the company's linear video editing software product in the C programming language; developed device drivers for a television products control network using assembly language and C; wrote user documentation for their products.

June 1984 to January 1986:
UMass Computing Center, Amherst MA. Manager of vector digitizing facility, primarily used for making maps. I designed and developed vector digitizing and geographic information system (GIS) software in C, Pascal and assembly language; trained and assisted clients and student workers; wrote documentation; gave presentations at campus events; solicited work from other departments; hired and managed student programmers.

January 1981 to June 1984: UMass student, working part-time at the Computing Center in the database support group. I developed utility programs for mainframe databases and tape-based data backup in Pascal and the university Cyber mainframe's job control language; assisted users; designed, developed and maintained Pascal software for GIS systems; wrote user documentation. I was one of very few undergraduates to be a Teaching Assistant in the Computer Science Dept., due to my working knowledge of the campus Cyber computer; I taught two lab sections of a 800-student Pascal programming class; wrote documentation and training materials for other TAs who were unfamiliar with the Cyber; worked at the Help Desk to assist students with their Pascal homework; managed and upgraded the course software for collecting and testing homework assignments; wrote a graphics terminal emulator in BASIC for Computing Center clients.


Other Activities:

  • Former board member, Western Massachusetts Software Association, a trade association of software companies in my region.

  • Current member, board of trustees, Silk Mill Condominiums, chair for about 10 years.

  • Officer, Northampton chapter of Toastmasters public speaking organization. Mentor and advisor to two prison groups, which reduces recidivism and increases self-confidence and leadership abilities.

  • Former co-manager, Northampton Independent Film Festival film screening committee.

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