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What do I do?

In a nutshell: I explain things. In text and in person. I shine at organizing and presenting information, both in writing and in seminars, in plain text or fancy desktop publishing, for beginners or experts in just about any subject material.

I'm an eclectic and versatile person. Part social scientist, part engineer, part communication coach and art critic, I've worked successfully in a number of different domains. I've spent the last 12 years as an educator at a community college, teaching video, multimedia and videogame development. In 2013, I jumped ship to spend my time writing instruction manuals and designing training programs in the freelance world. I've studied grantwriting, and can handle social science as well as physical science.

Community College Educator

I'm particularly attracted to the areas of communication, creativity and self-expression - particularly if I can use electronic media in the process. At Holyoke Community College, I devised an original approach to teaching video, based on current research in perception and cognitive science. I've also taught classes in 3D videogame technology, graphics for the Internet using Photoshop, and web site development.

Former Software Engineer

Prior to that, I was a software engineer for 20 years, designing and building systems in the fields of television and multimedia. I developed geographic information systems software for the University of Massachusetts; designed and built real-time multi-CPU embedded systems for television special effects; programmed device drivers for computer network communication; and ran my own start-up software firm developing a unique multimedia product line. In my software, I've always been keenly interested in the experience of new users, and consider user interface design, documentation and training to be strongly interrelated parts of software product creation.

Public Speaker and Presenter

In my spare time, I work with the Toastmasters public speaking organization. Cultivating the skills needed to speak in public helps people develop self-confidence and leadership abilities. I have an advanced speaker award, and am presently a regional official for the organization.

I'm also a mentor to a public speaking group at the Hampshire County Jail in Northampton, Massachusetts. This group serves inmates who want to improve their communication skills, and hopefully not return to the prison system once they're released. This particular group has some surprisingly good speakers. I feel I'm having a positive effect on my community through this program.



"Mr. Anderson is one of the most talented and versatile software designers I have met during my entire 20 year career. He is good-natured, flexible and versatile, and I am impressed at how he has been able to apply his skills to a broad array of challenges over the years, both software and non-software related, including operating his own company.

"Dave was a terrific mentor to me when I worked as a Junior Embedded Software Engineer with him at Microtime, Inc. in Bloomfield, CT. The system we were developing was a complex multiprocessor digital video effects system, with Intel 80188, 80186 and i860 RISC processors, plus a graphical remote control panel equipped with a keyboard and joystick.

"Dave's work on the project was extensive and outstanding; he designed from scratch both the main processor software and the Graphical User Interface, which ran in the graphical control panel

"I can unequivocally recommend Dave for any position where intelligence, creativity, dedication and problem-solving skills of the highest caliber are required."

Anthony Tarascio, July 11, 2010
Software Engineer

"I have known Dave Anderson for 3 years as a fellow Toastmaster. He is a mature, intelligent, responsible individual. We worked together volunteering at the Western Massachusetts Correctional Center in Chicopee, MA where we mentored women inmates to help them improve communication skills and develop leadership capabilities which will assist them when they are released. The prison staff and management were very grateful to us for assisting in the integration process for incarcerated women. Dave is now mentoring at the Hampshire County Jail in Northampton, Massachusetts where he is a team leader dedicated to helping male inmates prepare for release. He hopes the recidivism for these individuals will be far lower than the current rate of 67%, as quoted by the U. S. Department of Justice.

"Dave, although a quiet man, is an excellent speaker. The inmates love it when he tells stories. I was happy to have him on our team as he was a positive influence when many of the women we worked with had had negative relationships with males in their lives.

"Dave is fair, honest, gentle and kind. I admire his commitment to the prison population and know that they are very fortunate to have him."

Sharon Roth, February 12, 2013
Admissions Coordinator at Cheshire Academy

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